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ARP 009 – The Multitude of AR-15 Magazine Choices

AR-15 MagazinesReed and Jake ponder the multitude of AR-15 magazine choices.
Welcome to episode #9 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Jake Challand with Co-host Reed Snyder. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you’re building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years.  There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

AR-15 Product of the Week:

Battle Arms Developement – Ambidextrous Safety Selector
Main Topic:

Magazine Torture Test
Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter magazines
Brownells Brand
MagPul PMag
SureFire 60 and 100rd mags
Troy Battle Mag
Tapco Intrafuse

6.8 SPC
TagoDown ARC Magazine
Drum Magazines:
90rd MWG
Armatac SAW-MAG 150

Magazine couplers:
Magpul Maglink
Magazine Pulls
Magpul – Magazine Pull

Building ARs on the ar15rifle.tv video blog:

Listener Feedback:
JT:  I’ve really been enjoying Gun Guy Radio and the AR-15 podcast! I have a Bushmaster flat top carbine (came with a quad rail and no front sight post) that I bought new in 2004 and I\’m looking to upgrade the upper to something with a gas piston. I was wondering what y\’all thought of the Ruger short stroke gas piston uppers. Would that be a good option or should I just upgrade my Bushmaster with an Adams Arms ssgp conversion kit and get a new, longer quad rail (I like the look of a long rail)?
Thanks for all the work you guys put into the podcasts.
Mike: My friends and I were comparing ARs recently and we noticed a spring on the shoulder of the firing pin on my Armalite Ar-10.  None of us knew why it was there until your latest AR-15 podcast. It became apparent during your discussion of using forward assist to quietly close the bolt on an un-fired round, eliminating both noise and the \”little dimple\” on the primer, that Armalite added the spring as a safety measure to keep the pin from sliding forward and striking the primer of an un-fired round in the chamber when the bolt slams home. You guys have solved another mystery! Keep up the great work!
Manny:  First I wanted to that you guys for your awesome AR-15 podcast..Love the format,

I have 2 Stripped Lowers on order (w/JD Machine), and look forward to future podcasts to guide me through my journey of building my very First AR :)

A question for you guys:
One of the lowers will probably end up as a 9mm carbine.
Do you have any opinions or insights you can share regarding blow-back uppers?
I recently came across some info. regarding DI-9mm ARs, and wondered if this should be my direction…

John:  Hey guys love the show so much! Jake you\’re jokes and sense of humor remind me of my good buddy Dan. Its kind of like hanging with my buds listening to your show. I love Ar\’s and my dad and I bought 4 in a span of 3 months. Were addicts and may need a \”psychological evaluation\” because we like hanging out shooting all types of guns. Ha ha. It would mean a lot two me if u would watch a 30 second video or two of me getting down and dirty in ohio with my two favorite black rifles! Thanks! Keep it up guys. Oh and…leave the light on for me!
Brett:  A buddy turned me onto your podcast. Love it. keep up the good work!
However: I usually listen to all my podcasts like, Armed American Radio, Gun for Hire, and the survival podcast on my Ipod or Iphone in the garage or up at my ranch.  How can I get your podcasts onto my devices?
Andrew:  First of all I love your show and recently downloaded it to give me something to listen to on my flight. After a little bit of looking around at belt fed conversions From what I saw they were expensive. Are they worth it? Are they legal in NJ because of the 15 round capacity limit? Also, is it better to get a semi auto m60
Tony:  Hi guys! I love the podcast. I\’ve always enjoyed shooting and hunting, but being in Indiana, it\’s always been shotguns and handguns. Months ago I decided I wanted to purchase an AR, so I tried to find a podcast to help me learn more about them. The first gun podcast I listened to was the Gun Guys AR-15 podcast. After listening, I decided I wanted to build one. On Zack\’s recommendation, I ordered two Palmetto State Armory \”blemished\” lowers. While waiting for my lowers to get to my FFL, my step-dad surprised me by getting me an early Christmas present…a Colt Carbine in \”anodized Coyote Bronze.\” It came loaded with MBUIS gen2 rear back-up sight, Magpul Moe Stock, Grip, Handguard and Vertical Grip plus TWO 30 round PMAG magazines. Then you start putting out this great podcast on building AR\’s, and I still have my two lowers! Thanks for all the great info and keep up the good work.

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