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ARP 006 – AR-15 Upper Receivers

In this week’s episode of the AR-15 Podcast, Reed & Jake discuss the parts that make up an AR-15 upper receiver and review new listener feedback.

AR-15 Uppers

  • Types of Uppers
    • A1 – Original with a carry handle.
    • A2 – Improved rear sight (example).
    • A3 – V-Match upper receiver.
    • A4 – Flat top (Model A4F/T Upper Receiver) or (A4 Upper Receiver)
  • Parts of the Upper
    • Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly Schematics
  • Bolt Carrier Assembly Schematics
    • Bolt Carrier
    • Firing Pin and Retaining Pin
    • Bolt Carrier Key
    • Cam Pin
    • Bolt Gas Rings
    • Bold
    • Extractor
    • Ejector
  • Barrel
    • Barrel Nut
    • Barrel Extension
    • Barrel Extension Pin

Cool Uppers

  • Bravo Company VLTOR Modular Upper Receiver
  • DPMS Competition Upper Receiver
  • Black Rain Ordinance Upper Receiver
  • RGUNS TRR15 Upper Receiver
  • Les Baer M4 (Civilian)
  • LaRue Tactical Stealth Billet Upper Receiver (M3)


  • We will begin building ARs on the AR15 video blog soon. Stay tuned!

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Listener Feedback

  • RB: Looks forward to an episode about home defense.
  • Bob: If the new assault weapons ban includes no transferring of banned firearms, could a person put them in a gun trust so family members would inherit them?
  • Lane: Clarified his question about incomplete lowers and discussed three of the types of common lowers.

Wrap Up

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  • Review us on iTunes.
  • Check out the AR15 Builder Website.
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yumaironwood 9 pts

Just listened to the podcast and paid attention enough to catch the part about the gunbroker guy.  Same thing happened to me over a Vltor extended buffer tube with spring and buffer.  When it came time to pay he informed me he only had the tube and not the spring and buffer.  When I got it I learned it's useless unless you have he spring and buffer they sell.  Did this guy happen to live in Manhattan, Kansas?  They only charged me for what they had in stock, but it was still useless and will stay that way until Vltor releases more parts.  

Jake Challand 5 pts moderator

 yumaironwood Thanks for sharing!  I think there's multiple people like this out there, unfortunately...


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