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ARP 003 – AR-15 Lower Receivers

Seekins lower receiverReed & Jake discuss the different options for AR-15 lower receivers and how to put one together.


Welcome to episode #3 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Jake Challand from Gun Guy Radio.  This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you’re building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years.  There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.
and with me tonight is my co-host Reed Snyder from Dallas Texas

Main Topic: AR-15 Lower Receivers

Lower has S/N and has to be transfer through an FFL dealer

Brownells Video:  http://youtu.be/wEFUxJuaZl4

Brownells complete lower parts kit

Brownells Lower Receiver Schematics

Types of lowers:

Forged – Molten Aluminum poured into mold and then deburred
Billet – CNC machined  from solid piece of metal

Seekins Precision

JP Enterprises, LLC

ATI Polymer Lower – Youtube review

ATI website

New Frontier Armory Poly Lower

Parts of the Lower:

Colt 28 parts including the lower itself in the Brownells Schematic

Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch Pin
Bolt Catch Plunger
Bolt Catch Spring
Buffer Retainer
Buffer Retainer Spring
Ejector/Selector Spring
Fire Control Selector
Fire Control Selector Detent
Magazine Catch
Magazine Release Button
Magazine Release Button Spring
Pistol Grip
Pistol Grip Lock Washer
Pistol Grip Screw
Receiver Pivot Pin, .250″, Screw Type
Receiver Pivot Pin Screw
Take Down Pin
Take Down Pin Detent
Take Down Pin Detent Spring
Trigger Guard Assembly
Trigger Guard/Windage Drum Pin
Trigger Guard Pivot Pin
Trigger Guard Spring
Trigger Guard Plunger
DPMS Complete Lower Parts Kit

DPMS Complete Lower Parts Kit
Tools we need for this build:

Brownells Critical Tools Kit $99.99
Brownells AR-15 Field Kit $259.99

Building ARs on the ar15rifle.tv video blog: Coming soon!

Listener Feedback:

Robert: Jake
Great to hear about ar-15 podcast just bought my first this year and love it. Also just finished gun store and range show and would like to recommend Dabbs gun and pawn on horn lake,ms great people and great place to buy guns as far as gun ranges I belong to Desoto Rifle & Pistol club in como,ms outdoor range that is great.Thanks for great podcast!

Kiki:  Dude like the new show, but you guys failed in the most popular ar rounds side….at least in my neck of the woods besides 223/556….308 nato, 9mm and 22 lr rule…..not to many people go to wild cat rounds like grendal, 6.8spc or 300 aac around here…..alot of 308s and 9mm carbines…..anyway keep it up…

Josh Wood – Dallas, TX:  Jake, You read my email on air about Targetmaster in Garland. Is there anything that can be done to increase my chances of winning? :) I got a wonderful deal on a mostly milspec AR for $500 from a friend that was desperate for some cash. Did a little work on a Glock I sold him for the price. Anyhow, I love the rifle, but while  the charging handle looks black and matches in low lighting, it is actually purple! I don’t know if he cannibalized this from his wife’s rifle or what, but man would I love that sweet charging handle. Anyhow, mostly joking. I did give you a five star review on iTunes and didn’t even have an account with them, set it up just for you :) . Love all that you do and will review your AR 15 podcast soon. Also five stars. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for everything including reading my email. Good luck with the new podcast. Seems to be going well so far.

Bob:  About time! A excellent first episode. How often ?

Max: Hey Jake, I just wanted to say great show! I found your podcast last week and have found it to be very informative. I am experienced with the m4/ar15 platform from serving in the Marine Corps. Currently I am serving with 3rd Force Reconnaissance Co. 4th Marine Division. I have shared your podcast with my fellow marines and now we all look forward to your show every week. Due to financial restraints I still do not own a personal AR15, but hope to one day. Thanks for the great show.

Frank:  Have either of you used an ATI polymer AR lower?
Also I would really like to see a truly barebones, rock bottom priced, but upgradable AR build
Bryan Bolivar:  A point from your last AR-15 show.  The sproing is your rifles way of talking to you. A sproing means all is well, “shoot me again”.  When you don’t hear a sproing you know something is up. You either need to change to a fresh mag or complete an immediate action drill to get that rifle working again.  Embrace the sproing, don’t try to silence it. This is advice I got from a retired Canadian Forces Warrant Officer. I’ve proven it to be true to myself in competition over the last couple of years.

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xenodata like.author.displayName 1 Like

Really like the podcast, I'm looking forward to seeing the video blog once it's up and running!

Jake Challand
Jake Challand moderator

 @xenodata Thanks for listening, I can't wait either.  I hope to get started after Shot Show.

DaveAcosta like.author.displayName 1 Like

I love your podcast. As a California AR owner I hope you can touch on our regulations in a future episode . I have just put together my first AR and I opted for the New Frotier lower. So far it is flawless wtho about 800 rouds through it. I will send a request to my friends at New Frontier to see if they can send you a poly lower for a future build. My next build has just started with the new arival of an 80% lower. I will kep you informed.


Thanks Dave in Pacific Beach California

Jake Challand
Jake Challand moderator

 @DaveAcosta Awesome!, That sounds great!  I would love to use a new Frontier lower!  Thanks for listening Dave :)


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